My name is Mare Thomas and I've been shooting for years - professionally since 2002. I'm largely self-taught, but have learned a TON from other photographers who have graciously shared their knowledge. My really early work was mostly nature and landscapes, but as I grew older, my fanaticism about music also grew, and thus I turned my camera there. I love being able to capture the live energy from a killer gig, and the quick thinking and 'once in a lifetime' nature of music photography led me directly to another 'once in a lifetime' path - weddings!

Today, I still love the landscapes - especially waterfalls - and I am thrilled to shoot weddings. Musicians, though, are always in my heart, and thus the name of my business is dedicated to them -- A Lighted Stage Photography. Living on a lighted stage DOES approach the unreal! :)

When I'm not behind the lens, in my other life, I'm often found bounding around Europe as a Senior Project Manager, furiously preparing tax returns in the spring as a CPA, cheering loudly to support my Irish team in the "D" corner, or performing interesting experiments in the kitchen to find new ways to eat vegetables without really trying!